Laugh Until We Think We'll Die
Laugh Until We Think We Die
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okay so like everyone’s freaking out over that 7/12/12 thing right? Well, I remember that from months ago when it was going around tumblr, and it was proven back then that it was fake, photoshopped from this video^ which says 7/12/11 …meaning the 7th of december, 2011. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing happening today. And if something does end up happening, then its pure coincidence and has no correlation to that 7/12/12 picture. kay, that is all. Xx

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Mofo’s…oh Niall you badass

Mofo’s…oh Niall you badass

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OoO :O I’m watching the fox 5 news..well no..i was watching glee like two hrs ago and i just haven’t turned off the tv…but i just saw a commercial for whats coming up on the news and they’re gonna be talking about how tickets sell out super fast as soon as they get online and why that’s happening and what’s being done about it..and I SWEAR TO GOD i heard WMYB playing in the background so so ..they’re probs talking about how 1D tickets are selling out ridiculously fast cuz of the scalpers!!

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Between Michelle Obama, Justin Beiber, and Katy Perry I’m surprised little fanboy Niall is still alive!!

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I think we should #replace1DlyricswithPaul



because Paul’s the man. Because it’s fucking Paul. Because who doesn’t love Paul. Because PAUL. 

It’s everything about Paul. 

It’s gotta be Paul. 

Paul’s got that one thing. 

When Paul smiles at the ground it ain’t hard to tell. 

Paul Higgins is on replay, he’s on replay. 

If I’m Paul, would you see me. 

Trembling hands touch Paul. 

But I see Paul, with him, slow dancing

If Paul’s the reason that you’re leaving me tonight, spare me what you’re thinking, tell me a lie. 

Now that you can’t have me, you suddenly want….PAUL

You should know because I heard, when Paul says, I want I want I want and thats crazy 

Circles, Pauls going in circles, dizzy’s all it makes him

I wanna save your Paul tonight 

I wont be leaving til I finish stealing every piece of Paul

Your friends, they look good, but Paul looks better

remember when I made this post…..

asdfghjkl I can’t believe she tweeted this! bahahhaha! Hopefully it’ll trend now!! 

aaaaaaaand it trended! SO happy omg


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Flack! Did I really miss #relpace1DlyricswithPaul trending?! Waaaah I wanted to see that! Especially since I made the post last week to get it to trend! Anyone have a screenshot of it?

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SO I just went back and re-watched the “people GENUINELY think we’re together” interview…

and I kinda laughed because it really wasn’t as bad as it seemed compared to the first time I watched it the day it came out and everyone was freaking out. Like Louis wasn’t denying anything. And there were still some pretty big Larry moments despite what he said. Even though all he said was that people think they’re in a relationship. 

Like the part where Louis’s laughing and then goes and pretty much kisses Harry’s back…Harry then puts his arm out and like grabs hold of him and tries to calm him down. He’s like “Woah, Lou, easy now. We’re still on camera. Later my love, later.” 

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