Laugh Until We Think We'll Die
Laugh Until We Think We Die
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yaibelieveindestiny said: Sorry, but what do you guys think about Fizzy’s ‘rant’ about how she loves Eleanor- and Louis ”Isn’t gay.:”

first of all, isn’t that like, /really/ old news?? Second of all, just use common sense? what do you /think/ her rant was about? She’s his sister. And right now Louis can’t be out because of many reasons, primarily though, the fact that he’s legally under contract, something that people either seem to forget or just don’t understand that it’s actually something serious and not something trivial. So he’s not allowed to be out. What do you expect his family to do when being bombarded by questions about his sexuality? They can’t possibly just be like “oh yup, you’re right, he’s gaay!” No, they have to play along and follow the ‘official story’. Plus his sister is like what, eleven? She’s young, she knows she has to keep this a secret, and she’s obviously going to get defensive when countless people are asking her about her brother’s sexuality. She can’t tell the truth so she follows the story, gushes about Eleanor, because Louis can’t be out right now, and she knows that. 

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